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Adoption and Rescues:

Adoption Policy

Since 2000 we have been providing a home-like environment for cats needing to find new homes at our current location. We currently can house about 26 cats and kittens in our center. Most of our cats have free access to the main areas of the center allowing them to choose their favorite hangout spots. Some cats must be housed in kennels due to behavior or health issues. These kennels are quite large by industry standards and provide a great deal of space for movement and play and all kenneled cats receive daily attention and affection from our volunteers.

Cats coming into our center are assessed for health issues, tested for diseases and updated on vaccinations as needed. We give them time to get to know us and our other resident cats before releasing them for adoption. During this time we look at how well they handle petting, grooming, being picked up, carried and other things that help us find the best possible fit for a new loving family.

 Our adoption process is very simple. We do adoption tours and counseling all days we are open. We will ask some  questions about your home, family and previous pet experiences and introduce you to cats that we think may suit your personal situation. Our cats are also only released to indoor households and will come litterbox trained.

Our current adoption fee is $150.00 per cat. This fee covers the services: spay/neuter, current vaccinations (rabies, feline lukemia/lymphoma, and deworming) .

Surrender / Rescues:

Surrenders / Rescues are handled on an appointment basis. Please call us (360) 373-7043 before bringing a cat in for surrender.

Please note that we only accept cats / kittens at this time as we do not have the accommodations for any other type of animal.

Unfortunately, not every home is a perfect fit and sometimes cats must be surrendered for various reasons. Cats coming into the center must be social and in general good health. Semi-feral kittens 2 months of age or younger may be accepted on a case by case basis. Please call us (360) 373-7043 if you are unsure about this type of case.

We are a no kill shelter. We do not euthanize due to lack of space, coat color, personality or breed of the cat. The only acceptable euthanasia is for humane reasons to relieve intractable pain and suffering. Due to this we may not be able to accept your cat immediately.     We ask you t to provide a  $ 50.00 intake fee  to help cover the cost of medical care and feeding.    

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